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We believe less is more – so we work by hand, making each and every product with care and love

At Dora Fabrics, we definitely believe that when it comes to our homes – less is more. Having fewer, more beautiful things around us opens our eyes to the subtleties of the handmade and the wonder of the everyday.

Homes are all about relationships and feelings – and we want the fabric we produce for you to be put of your homes’ warmth and good vibes.  Knowing and understanding where your fabric comes from and who has made it – can make it very special and unique to you.

I have a wonderful cousin Shayleen, who always lives at least a continent away from me but who has filled my life with her beautiful textile creations – patchwork quilts, beaded cushions, sparkly lurex ball gowns, bright African print skirts, felted slippers and a soft, green velvet bag that has travelled the world with me.

I feel that my textile memories are a kind of memory swatch book. Swatch books were developed as a way for textile manufacturers to market their fabrics by collecting samples together and mailing them to subscribers – and mine includes childhood furnishing fabrics, summer dresses I loved and a pair of capri pants which I lived an unforgettable spring.

But most of the fabrics that really matter to me have disappeared and exist only in my mind – a thin cool blue cotton nightie that I ripped on a nail running around the back of our house and which another cousin mended with iron-on red hearts…the smooth pale cream flannel of my mothers’ dress…the smell of my father’s cordorouy jacket … the refuge of an ancient picnic blanket that held the warmth of the sun long after it had faded…. fabrics hold smells and touch in a way that only music can rival for the power and sensuality of the memories they evoke.


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